Woodhaven is a small logging community in the foothills of Kedlemoor mountain that primarily earns its keep through the logging of the local dendron trees. Not far away is a community of goliaths who call themselves the Whitetree Clan. Meavoi typically is among the goliaths to come to town to trade lumber with the townsfolk and is among the closest they have to a representative with Woodhaven, and more importantly, Woodhaven’s powerful Lumber Guild.

Up-mountain about three hours hike is a small goblin tribe whose name roughly translates to the Star Rock Clan, though it is unclear if this carries any deeper meaning.

A small river, Sapphire Stream, runs not far from town and is what runs the logs into the small port city down the mountain.

In Woodhaven there are two notable taverns, Dragon’s Tooth and The Sharp Axe. Garret is a common fixture in both of these as the town drunk.

Furnace Falls, a volcano north of Kedlemoor mountain but in the same range, is home of a dragon that can be seen flying occasionally over the ranges, but has not caused problems other than his presence often stops activity so people can watch.


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