Sergeant of the guard


1st level Dwarf Warlord.

AC 18, Fort 13, Refl 12, Will 14

27 hp

At-Will: Opening Shove, Wolf Pack Tactics

Encounter: Inspiring Word, Hammer Formation

Daily: Bastion of Defense


Orsik’s spent time in just about every army across the continent. He’s been on the winning end of battles, and the losing end of battles. He’s been part of just about every major campaign of the last forty years. He’s seen friends killed next to him in any number of gruesome ways.

In fact, it had gotten to the point where before a battle, Orsik could wander across the field, chat with his opposing numbers, and then wander back into ranks and charge into battle. That was when he figured it was time to retire. After a couple months’ travel he found himself in Woodhaven and applied for a position in the town guard. It didn’t take long for him to end up as the Sergeant of the Guard.

Orsik has the typical characteristics of NCOs everywhere: He’s gruff, taciturn, and jaded. He’s used to taking orders from his commanding officers and keeping discipline among his troops. He’s never been well-liked, but he’s always had the grudging respect of his troops. He’s always brought as many home from battles as he could manage.


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