The Sharp Axe

The Sharp Axe is the main watering hole for the lumbermen of Woodhaven. The proprietor, Derrick, is an old lumberjack himself. He was injured in the field many years ago and now makes his living brewing beer.

The taphouse itself is very small. Derrick put a lean-to up against his house, and a small bar inside. He brews the beer in a shack behind his house. There is no decor to speak of, but the beer is surprisingly good.

Jackson Talltree can often be found here, holding court. The Sharp Axe is the foundation of his power base in town, and he spends a great deal of time cultivating his following.

Garret, the town drunk, is also often found here. If he’s recently picked a fight here, he’s in the town lockup, or at the town’s other taphouse.

The Sharp Axe

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