Whitetree Clan

The Whitetree Clan are a tribe of goliaths, a nomadic, tribal people.

They support themselves by hunting and fishing, and they occasionally take a few dendron trees to bring into town and trade. They move often, following game. They’ve stuck to the ways of their ancestors, and don’t much care for the ways of the city folk.

Like other barbarian peoples, they aren’t really comfortable in town, and they don’t really understand “the rules.” So they occasionally hunt someone’s livestock, and they occasionally clash with goblin hunting parties. They’re tolerated in the area because these things haven’t gotten out of control, and they haven’t angered either the goblins or the townsfolk enough to warrant a punitive expedition.

Plus, they’re big, strong, and tough. Frankly, most of the townsfolk are a little scared of these fierce barbarians. They’re polite enough when they come into town, but they aren’t well-loved.

No one really knows where to find them at any given time, and they’ll vanish from view (from the perspective of the townsfolk) for months on end.

Meavoi often accompanies the tribe’s expeditions to town, and is well-known to the people of Woodhaven.

Whitetree Clan

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